Purchase with 0 Down
While many loans are increasing the required down payment VA is still offering a loan that requires a 0 down payment. 
No Annual Mortgage Insurance Required
Unlike FHA and low down payment conventional loans the VA loan does not require annual mortgage insurance. 
Lower Monthly Payments
Lower rates and no mortgage insurance means lower monthly payments. 
Qualifying is Easier
VA home loans offer relaxed guidelines over conventional loans making qualifying easier. 
Are you eligible? Call us at 800.992.1900 and we can review your qualification and even order your Certificate of Eligibility directly with the VA.  You can also complete our on-line application or our simple pre-qualification form.   Apply Now -->
VA Home Loans VA home loans offer advantages over other types of home loans such as FHA and conventional financing.  The VA home loan is one of the benefits offered by the Veterans Administration and is exclusively for veterans.  Haven West Mortgage processes, underwrites and funds VA loans ‘in-house’
Haven West Mortgage is a division of Golden Empire Mortgage and is licensed by the Department of Corporations under the California Residential Mortgage Lending Act, license number DOC-153697.  Haven West Mortgage is an ‘Equal Opportunity Lender’.  NMLS #153697
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